School of comedy Birthday parties


Funny bones or not, school of comedy promises to bring you the funniest birthday party you will ever have. With one hilarious host, running the show, your 4 – 9 year olds will be up on their feet from the get go; telling the funniest jokes, delivering brilliant one liners, enjoying a hilarious batch of comedy games all wrapped up in a clever party-game format for ALL to enjoy.

Imagine positively being encouraged to be the worst, not the best, the silliest, not the most sensible, the cheekiest, not Mr. polite. Well for one party only we promise to deliver all these opportunities and much much more. Slap stick, double acts, sketches and improvisation all lead by the children and encouraged by the party host. Your children will walk away 10 ft taller, with sidesplitting one liners and laughter, games and stories to see them all the way until next years’ comedy party!

Prices range from £250 for 2 hours
Contact Laura or Tara for a bespoke party package.