In-School Workshops

We offer lunch time and after school clubs at your school as well as full day workshops culminating in a live show.

School of Comedy brings out a maturity and self-belief that is not expected.  Children lacking in confidence have found their way and confident children are given a platform to excel.  It offers benefits to children that are totally unique.

We offer 45 minute sessions in the school lunch break and after school clubs.

The sessions focus on creative thinking using improvisation. This teaches kids to think quickly and laterally in a fun and safe environment.

Laughter is infectious.  It binds people closer.  Whilst School of Comedy improves self-belief, children equally learn to work in a group, share ideas and support each other whilst working towards a common goal.

Children leave our class with a thorough grounding in the theory and practise of comedy and performance.  We work with scripts, devising sketches, improvisation and creating stand up routines.

We offer classes for a minimum of 10 kids and a maximum of 20. These can be paid by the school or individually by parents. For more information please contact us.